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Booking a flight

Transit flights does not travel directly to the final destination. It may stop at the marked airports and a change of aircrafts would take place. Such transit stops will be informed to you when you book a flight.
The easiest, but a little more expensive – but flights directly from one destination to the other, with any stops.
The digital ticket – which will be emailed to you. It has the normal information of your flight, the PNR number and the travel itinerary for your convenience. Please take a printout of the e-ticket upon receipt. offers flights on all classes – namely economy, business and first class flights to the lowest rates. Please note that this depends on the availability of the airline service and availability for the destination.
Yes, you can. Children has to be in the age limit of 2-12 years and you can book for one infant per adult only.
You have selected to receive an e-ticket. You can show it to the airline desk at the airport when showing the necessary documents with the printed email you received from us.
You can select the option when it appears to receive an e-ticket, and you will receive it via email. It is highly advisable in terms of misplacement, torn apart or losing the ticket info.


Booking a Holiday

You will receive an email from us with all the details regarding the holiday or hotel within 4 hours. Check in your email inbox or even in the spam box. If you did not receive such after 4 hours please contact us immediately.

No, we do not have any additional charges for an over the phone booking.
Credit or Debit Card, will be charged the net amount immediately.
Most of the time this happens due to the expiration of the browsing session. If you completed a booking please wait for 4 hours and check your inbox for the confirmation email. If you still have not received, contact us via phone as soon as possible.
Our suppliers and live booking systems are operating 24/7. Availability can change from time to time and that might result a product in your cart gets sold out while the card is processing the payment.
This happens due to the bank clearing times, sometimes might take 10-15 working days.
If you want to make any amendments to your hotel booking, for example if you want to alter your dates or upgrade your room type, please contact Team and include your booking reference number. Though we do our best on making the amendment we are unable to assure that it is possible.
At certain cases, a change may incur an additional charge which would be notified to you.
Please note that hotel reservations cannot be changed and are fully non-refundable.
It may vary according to the package itineraries you pick as some require nonrefundable deposits, while some charge higher fees upon cancellations. Contact us, and we will update you on the possibility.
No, currently we do not have any such packages. But we can arrange such under business travel.
Please print the confirmation email we send with hotel details to present at check-in as proof of your reservation, along with the photo ID and card used at booking.
This varies from hotel to hotel and such information will be disclosed at the booking confirmation.
Impossible, but we are at your service – contact our hotline immediately, to check the status of the booking.
You have to request a document from the hotel with the date and time of departure and the amount billed for you. Contact team in order to receive the refunds.


Flight and Hotel Booking

Easiest is to pick a destination you want to travel. Then choose the departure and return dates, the city or the airport, no. of passengers and then the no. of rooms.
After that you will be able to see the available offers on different hotels, different flights on our portal and you can use further filters on category, price and other options.
Then continue with the normal booking procedure which we will guide you through.
Yes, but in this case you will have to contact our customer care team and one of our agents will manage the payment operation using the different cards you specify.
If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of the booking immediately contact our Customer Care Team. And we advise you to be patient at the booking and finish all operations completely, without logging out from the system.
Once a booking has been confirmed and processed, in case of cancellation you will need to pay any penalties or additional charges by the respective airline, hotel and administrative costs of
Yes, but you will have to contact our customer support team. And you might have to pay additional charges or fees which arise at the change of booking.
We highly recommend you on taking an insurance policy for a tour without hassle. After the booking process you will be offered a package of exclusive services which also includes ‘Insurance’. Pick it out and contact our team to have more information on the policy you receive.
Yes, contact our customer support team and one of agents will inform you on the availability and pricing details.


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