The blend of forestry and beaches of Far East

Populated with Malays, Chinese, Indians and many the land has outgrown with a rich cultural variety packed up with festivals, cuisines, crafts and architecture. No one can ever miss the natural beauty with its scenic beaches and the world’s oldest tropical rainforest when you decide to step into Malaysia. If you are in love with adventure and entertainment be prepared for the destination which offers white water rafting, trekking, cave exploration and wildlife watching is ready made for you.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
3 Nights

LKR 26,000


3 Nights

LKR 33,000


3 Nights

LKR 19,500
Basic double rooms, mid-range en-suite rooms and rooms at your choice and budget might range from USD20 – USD120 with breakfast. And if you are in hunt for a peaceful luxury the rates are quite reasonable and comfortable. The cheapest for backpackers are dormitories which are at Kuala Lampur, Georgetown, Kota Bharu, Cherating, Kuching and Miri. Reserve in advance to secure the budget and the room. If it is around a major festival time it is always advisable to book a room early. Rates are usually equal in the entire year.

The best reason to travel to Malaysia is food. Two of the world’s most venerated cuisines – Chinese and Indian and Malay. If you think you know Chinese and Inidan cuisine well, you would be surprised of what Malaysia has in both where Chinese is diverse and Indian is lighter and spicier. Standards of hygiene are usually good, and as most food is cooked to order even in Kedai Kopis (street stalls).
Legoland – and Hello Kitty Town, JohorThe place you find an excuse to be a kid again, the first and only of its kind in Asia Legoland and Hello Kitty Town is for you.

Bukit Bintang to KLCC ShoppingThe shopping trails of Malaysia with nine signature malls is the any kind of a shopaholic’s day dream.

Jalon AlorA foodie who loves adventure can taste the authentic street foods and never forget to have a plate of Char Kuey Teaow and BBQ chicken wings.

Central Market & Little Indiaas a prominent landmark of the country’s four corners with the 1930’s Art deco you may be able to find local arts and crafts.

Hawker food with Heritage trailsThe steaming woks and the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the George Town, Penang.

Sipadan Island, SabahSipadan is simply the untouched piece of art at Malaysia and the best diving spot of its kind with a feast for the eyes.

Mulu National Park, SarawakIn Mulu, the nature has treated them with an unconditional propotion of beauty including the natural wonders, especially the world’s largest cave chamber.

KL Tower Heights and appetites mix, Yes it dies when you’re a few hundred metres above with the 360 degree view of the city.
The public transport is inexpensive like in most of the Far East countries as is reliable. Your transportation in the Central cities will mostly be by bus. And never hesitate to choose budget flights when skipping from the Peninsular to east Malaysia. It is relatively better not to follow the railways as they have been overtaken by the highways and faster buses. The traffic gets heavily jammed during any public holiday, especially Muslim festivals, the Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas and New Year. Unlike other parts of the Far East longboat hiring or car hires is quite and expensive decision here.

Gunung Mulu National ParkThe extraordinary limestone formations, unexplained cave systems has made it the most magical natural attraction of the South East Asia. The Sarawak Chamber here is large enough to hold a Boeing 747 aircraft even.

Taman Negara Spreaded across 03 states in West Malaysia is the oldest tropical rainforest of the world which is renowned for the ecotourism and adventure it offers. The Malayan Tigers, Asian elephants and the Sumatran Rhinos are significant attractions. The long suspension bridge at where you can watch the birds and trees, plus the night safaris to watch the glow in the dark fungus.

Kuala Lampur – The quiet tin-mining town is the metropolis of the modern Malaysia being its federal capital. KL as called by the locals is a mixture of the cultures, massive skyscrapers, shopping arcades and dining ranges. The Golden Triangle is the representation of the city’s modern face with the most famous

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Country - Malaysia
Population - 31.2 million
Capitol - Kuala Lampur 
(administrative – Puthra Jaya)
Largest City - Kuala Lampur
Language - Bahasa Malaysia
Major Religion - Sunni Islam
Currency - Ringgit

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