The land which evokes memories

Vietnam is known across the world for the War which it experienced with rapid harming effects for generations. But now it has outgrown as a tourism destination of Asia which picturized moments once you hear the name. A fascinating country with the iconic conical-hatted street vendors, water buffalos plodding across paddy fields, mopeds roaming around cities and floating markets on the famous Mekong River.

South Vietnam

South Vietnam
3 Nights

LKR 45,900

Vietnam Express

Vietnam Express
5 Nights

LKR 78,500

Jewel of Cambodia

Jewel of Cambodia
4 Nights

LKR 67,900

Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam
3 Nights

LKR 47,900
Fresh, well flavored and ideally superb are the Vietnamese dishes. When you travel across the country you may flavor regional variations but the basis of the meal in all parts are either rice or noodles. Fish is plentiful – not surprisingly. Fresh herbs and vegetables, shrimp paste and fermented fish sauce is what they might mostly serve you with and because of all these ingredients Vietnamese food are healthy.

In simple terms, accommodation at Vietnam is quite excellent. The main tourist areas like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City caters to all budgets though the prices are a bit expensive above the Southeast Asian standards – but the quality is generally high. The prices are low and the service standards are high and treats the heart and pocket of the budget travelers worldwide. If you are looking for luxury, the construction boom for tourism especially in the coastline is coming up for it.
Cruise Halong Bay – Take this touristy boat trip to be floating among dozens of old converted junks though it is considered most impressive natural sights in Southeast Asia.

Take a two wheel and ride the country – you can easily arrange a motorbike hire in various parts of the country – commonly 125cc Minsks – and some even take the tempting ride from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi on a bike.

Go hiking – Hundreds of hiking trails lie across the country, significant infrastructure has been put up for the visitors who require guidance. If you pick to trek from Hanoi to Cuc Phuong National Park you will see the exquisite forest covered Limestone Mountains, green paddy fields, rare species and trees.

Sail the Mekong Delta – Explore the watery Mekong Delta where the channels pass the shimmering emerald paddy fields, sugar cane plantations, riverine towns, floating markets and etc.

See Sa Pa’s rice terraces – The one time French hill station is surrounded by a range of alpine mountains in the very north of the country. Also learn about a few tribes living there - especially the Hmongs.

Learn about the Vietnam War – The war where Vietnamese had a lot to suffer gladly finished 40 years back, but the tangible sights are still remaining of the painful history.
Save your time, try traveling by flight and it is always advisable to fly to places like Dien Ben Phu. Around the Tet holiday in January to February always book ahead on flights. You can hire a chauffeur driven car from thou self-driven cars are not available.

Taxis are plentiful and cheap - find them anywhere or book a car with us or your stay. For your comfort check that the driver's meter is working when you start the journey before getting in. Seatbelts are not compulsory, but helmets are.

Nha Trang – The most popular seaside resort town in the beautiful town bay. It features clean sand, clear ocean water and is the center for scuba diving in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay – has thousands of islands with junglistic atmospheres, limestone pillars, enormous caves, lakes and some with villages of fisherman.

Thien Mu Pagoda –  which is in Hue is the tallest pagoda in Vietnam with its seven stories overlooking the Perfume River and is the unofficial symbol of the imperial capital.

Mui Ne – The home to the famous and unusual sand dunes is located a short distance north to the town. The sandy expanse will give you an Arabic panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset.

Visit the Cao Dai Temple – Here the followers in red, blue and yellow robes chant to the rhythm of a traditional orchestra which combines various beliefs from teachers such as Joan of Arc, Buddha, Christ, Muhammed and Victor Hugo.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Country - Vietnam
Population 92.2 million (2016)
Capitol - Hanoi 
Largest City - Ho Chi Min 
Language - Vietnamese
Major Religion - Tam Giao
Currency - Dong (VND)

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