In simple terms, we are a team of travel enthusiasts with the expertise of destination and activity planning – who have experienced travelling themselves and are working towards gifting those experiences to our clients. Being in the journey of creating memorable journeys for our customers, to book a holiday with has always been a less-hassle task for our customers.

Our team is always re-searching for destinations which are unique, activities which brings enthusiasm and rates which are lower and unmatchable. These research has been the most famous reason, we were just the first and final stop of any travel-o-holic surfing the web for solutions to their customized needs.

Tag2Travel team has an understanding of perfect itineraries suiting your budget, dreams, ideas and experiences. That is the mere reason why we have some basic questions in our forms to you – which is enough for our experts to understand the ideal getaway for your vacation.

Why Book with us?

Fits your budget – Lowest Rates

We promise it with a guarantee as our Travel Experience Experts (TEE) work day and night on delivering the best quality travel package at your budget faster than you can imagine. Your rates never consider the less-hassle experience, as we take the responsibility on making your journey a quality budget tour.

Your pay for the stay, the goods, your information and your loved ones are in the cared hands of Tag2Travel as we guarantee 100% protection – from your booking to the end of your journey. As an IATA certified agent, directly affiliated with thousands of hotels worldwide, partnered with 20 airlines – we mean when we say you are protected!

From the inception of your travel booking till the arrival – we are at your service 24/7 with our friendly customer service just a click away. We understand the mere needs of the traveler which may arise within the journey though we prepare all amenities without any hesitation. Our availability matters to you at any unexpected moments, for further clarifications – and we are up for you.

We observe and keep reminding ourselves that dreams of your tour are unbounded and each moment is expected to be a ‘WOW’. We have plenty of options available for you varying from destinations, hotels, flights, available dates, activities, package rates, budgets, number of people and etc. And at certain occasions upon your wish we customize almost all categories and create the best quality budget tour.

We tend to gather a destination’s beauty, serenity, adventure, calmness, romance adding exclusiveness to your tour upon your wish. We name it the ‘Tag2Travel Favor’ – as we are in the mission of creating memories of destinations for people which could be cherished and are unmatchable.

Anything special?

One-to-One attention

No tour plan is small to us. We believe that it is the most important journey of your life. Every moment we spend on planning it with you, is equally important to us that we offer personalized attention for your queries, ideas and upgrades.

Top rated accommodation & flights

Book a hotel, book a flight with us which we care to keep the promise of providing the best quality for the best rates

Personal Tours & Business Travel

Differences and equalities vary, and our understandings have grown with the expertise of organizing tours and travels for thousands of personal and business travelers.


Tag2Travel proudly owns the IATA, IATA – AASL certifications and recognitions from the Sri Lanka Tourist Board and Civil Aviation Authority for the quality and standard of the service we render to generations of clients.

Service across the world

100s of destinations, 1000s of locations, splendid hotspots of the world for romantic, relaxing or adventurous journeys. Accommodation with standards, food that you would crave for and memories for a lifetime is guaranteed with Tag2Travel.